He also stated more investment is needed to improve disease surveillance, and noted that new developments, including longer-lasting bednets, a vaccine, and new medicines, could help stop the disease eventually, based on the AP. Richard Tren, director of the non-profit Africa Fighting Malaria, stated the new target may undermine malaria in the long run, and Tido von Schoen Angerer, an executive director at Medecins Sans Frontieres, said, We really risk losing some of the hard-won in malaria control if major funders pull back, according to the AP .And this enemy goes on the much dreaded name of acne. While acne is a normal and natural part of growing up, most youngsters detest the sight and feel of pimples. Especially at an age when external appearance requires precedence over anything else, they feel puzzled, horrified and in a few serious cases, disturbed by the acne even. Fortunately, the ever greedy pharmaceutical companies have not been laggardly in spotting this malady as an exceptional source of profit.