However the gap begins closing this full year, with $250 rebate checks sent to seniors whose drug spending lands them in the doughnut hole. Around 4 million beneficiaries will receive checks this season, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.’ The gap employs Medicare Part D pays for 75 % of the first $2,830 altogether medication costs. Beneficiaries must then pay out $3,610 of their own money before insurance coverage kicks in once again .Additional providers include usage of a portfolio of professional consulting solutions and professional development applications, designed to help clients maximize the utilization of their CyberKnife Program and address the unique clinical, physics and business development needs because of their department. These applications include: CyberKnife Marketing Services: Provides marketing media tools, expertise and solutions for TV, print, radio and online, to assist sites in launching and developing their CyberKnife program.Treatment Planning Support: Gives usage of experienced medical physicists trained on the CyberKnife System to provide on-call remote treatment arranging.