A lightning strike victim Direct lightning strikes are associated with high mortality but individuals who survive the initial lightning strike, as in the discussed case of a man who had a member of family side splash lightning strike, usually have no major problems. Survivors do, however, have to be implemented up to detect any delayed problems click here to read the full article . Electrical injuries may be divided into the three wide subgroups of lightning accidental injuries, high-voltage electrical injuries and low-voltage electrical injuries, with differences in the evaluation and management of sufferers in each group.

‘The frequency of sleep problems in this study is considerably greater than the rate of the disorders among people going to sleep treatment centers for insomnia, which is certainly seven to 10 %,’ said Ayalon. Ayalon stated these findings suggest that sleep problems that involve adjustments in the timing of sleep may be relatively frequent among brain injury sufferers and should be looked at when these patients report sleeping problems to avoid misdiagnosis. ‘Misdiagnosis of these patients as insomniac may lead to prescription of medications, that assist people fall asleep but don’t help normalize the sleep-wake cycle,’ said Ayalon. In addition, Ayalon said since circadian rhythm sleep disorders are often connected with cognitive and mental problems, treatment might trigger improvement in other human brain injury related symptoms ultimately.