ARS study physiologist develops preliminary model that predicts individual’s supplement D requirements Your skin layer tone and the quantity of sunshine you receive–in addition to what foods you eat–all can influence the amount of vitamin D that the body is wearing hand for optimum health. In an initial and apparently first-of-its-kind study, Agricultural Research Service research physiologist Charles B drug information . Stephensen and colleagues have developed an initial model that predicts a person’s supplement D requirements. Stephensen is situated at the ARS Western Individual Nutrition Research Center at the University of California-Davis.

Eliminate smoking and excessive alcohol use, which cause bone loss and boost your risk for a fracture. Talk to your physician about proper diagnosis and early treatment to help reduce the dangers of osteoporosis.. ASA classification might help identify influence of hip surgery in high-risk patients Hip fractures are the second leading cause of hospitalization of elderly individuals. In many cases, a hip fracture is the first step in a complete decline in the patient’s health, leaving more information on potential complications. According to a new study published in the April 2010 problem of The Journal of Bone and Joint Medical procedures , a person’s pre-surgical health classification-as determined by the American Culture of Anesthesiologists -is a leading indicator concerning how well the person will fare after medical procedures to repair the hip fracture.