Narrowing of the bronchial tubes bring about increased resistance.

This can cause: wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. The cough may contain sputum because of the secretions from the inflamed cells that line the bronchi. By coughing, your body efforts to expel secretions that clog the bronchial tubes. If these secretions include certain inflammatory cells, discoloration of the mucus may result frequently in a green or yellow color. The severity of the inflammation may bring about some bleeding Sometimes. Much like any other infection, there may be connected fever, chills, aches, soreness and the overall sensation of feeling poorly or malaise.Patent No. 8,301,232 for these devices and technology. The three co-workers began focusing on the heart-monitoring device in 2008. We think that mobile ECGs and various other breakthroughs in mobile health can significantly change the way medicine is delivered, Dr. Albert said. AliveCor's Heart Monitor is supposed for make use of by licensed doctors to record initially, display, store, transfer, and evaluate single-channel electrocardiogram rhythms. The rhythm strips can be of any duration, and so are kept on the iPhone and in the cloud for later analysis safely, posting and printing through AliveCor's secure site.