Limiting the damage in stroke: A cellular signal can be life or death for damaged brain cells determineScientists at the Universities of Heidelberg and Ulm and a unit of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Monterotondo, Italy, have found that a specific signal within brain cells may determine whether they live or die after a stroke sildenafil arvostelu . Their study, published online by Nature Medicine suggests , strongly suggests that new therapies for victims of strokes by controlling a molecule involved in passing the signal could be developed.

As severely restricted severely restricted, countries must now stockpiling antiviral drugs in advance to decide on priority groups for the administration. Frontline healthcare workers would be an obvious first choice, but such decisions are the responsibility of governments. While antiviral drugs may provide some protection to impart to the availability of vaccines, these drugs should not be used perform the same function as a public health vaccines – even if supplies would allow. The mass administration, for prophylactic purposes, of antiviral drugs, a large number of healthy individuals over an extended period is not recommended , as this will accelerate the development of resistance.

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