19th annual EJAF Academy Awards Viewing Party raises nearly $4 million to fight HIV/AIDS The 19th annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Looking at Party hosted by Sir Elton John and David Furnish raised almost $4 million for the fight against HIV/AIDS. The dinner was accompanied by a lively auction carried out by Jamie Nivens of Sotheby’s. Following the auction, Florence + The Machine took the stage to perform several tracks including her hit YOUR DOG Days are Over . 20 years later Nearly, the Hollywood community is usually standing up with Sir Elton John still, displaying their support for the building blocks which worthy cause.We compared the open reading frame 1stomach gene item of HCoV-EMC with those of the various other betacoronaviruses, HKU4 and HKU5, to test whether HCoV-EMC might belong to one of these known species or whether it represents a new species within the genus. The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses considers that infections sharing a lot more than 90 percent of sequence identification in the conserved replicase domains participate in the same species.1 This 90 percent identification threshold acts as the sole species demarcation criterion. Since the identity of amino acid sequences in these conserved domains of open reading frame 1stomach between HCoV-EMC and HKU4 and HKU5 was significantly less than 80 percent, we figured HCoV-EMC represented a novel betacoronavirus species, although such classification requires formal ICTV approval.