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Those with the rare condition die early usually, and the missing cerebellum is situated in autopsy. ‘These rare cases are interesting to understand the way the brain circuitry functions and compensates for missing parts,’ stated Mario Manto, a mind researcher from the French-language Free University of Brussels in Belgium. Her human brain scan reveals that her engine skills may have been taken over by the cortex area of her brain. Problems in the cerebellum result in severe mental impairment and motion disorders usually, however in this woman’s case, the brain compensated, leaving her with only mild to moderate motor deficiency at age 24, defects which her doctors say are ‘less than would become expected.’ Researchers studying the full case think that her mind compensated for the absent cerebellum through the years, and all of them consider her lucky to become alive.For example, when users comprehensive a health risk assessment , they’ll be given information on particular interventions or programs that can address identified needs, from weight reduction to cigarette smoking cessation to stress management. The Apollo program also assists clinicians who are monitoring patients’ biometrics remotely via in-home monitors and can provide alerts to care managers. All details is updated in the patient’s personal health record and dynamically displayed when triggered by changes in the participant’s wellness or responses.